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DMC Waste and Recycling provides clients with the very highest standard of waste recycling.  As an environmentally responsible waste collection company, we are constantly updating our facilities with the very latest recycling equipment.
As such we can offer clients all over Ireland the very latest innovations in recycling collection.
We provide recycling wheelie bins of 140 litres up to 1100 litres, to both domestic and commercial clients.

Recycling Tips
Household Paper Items That Can Be Recycled

  • Letters and Brochures

  • Cardboard Boxes

  • Egg Boxes

  • Toilet and Kitchen Roll

  • Newspapers

  • Tetra Pak Juice

  • Milk Cartons

For additional information on the appropriate items to put into a recycling wheelie bin, get in contact with DMC Waste and Recycling.

Household Plastic Items That Can Be Recycled

  • Plastic Drink Bottles

  • Plastic Cleaning Bottles

  • Butter

  • Yoghurt and Salad Tubs

  • Fruit and Veg Trays

  • Plastic Milk Cartons

  • Soap or Shampoo Bottles

Household Aluminium Items That Can Be Recycled

  • Soup Cans

  • Pet Food Cans

  • Drink Cans

  • Food Cans