House Clearance Services for Landlords

With the property market continuing to explode, many long-term landlords are considering putting their property up for sale. This is particularly true of landlords who may have been renting their property for many years. Well, it can certainly be tempting to try and save money by cleaning and clearing the property yourself, but this can often be a much larger, more complex job than many owners think. Inevitably a house that has been rented for many years, we'll have accumulated tenant possessions that may be bulky and hard to remove. Plus, cleaning can be an arduous, complex and lengthy process. Unfortunately, not cleaning the property or leaving extraneous items within the property can undermine the kind of bids an owner can expect to get. In this blog, we focus on the advantages of hiring a team of property clearance experts.

Package Deals

Our service can offer package deals to landlords. As a professional Waste Disposal Company, we can clear out bulky items, electronic items, furniture and anything else that may not belong in a property. What's more our cleaning experts can provide clients with a deep clean. This deep clean includes the property's interior and exterior. We can power wash driveways, clean gutters, and offer complete garage clearance. The expertise of our team also extends to basic repairs and building maintenance.


Carpet Cleaning

Rental property may have older carpets that have rarely, if ever, been cleaned. We can provide an extensive carpet shampooing service. Using the latest equipment, we offer complete carpet deep cleans. By combining the expertise of our team with modern cleaning agents, we can remove all types of staining while being careful to protect the fabric of the carpet.


Get Your Property Photography Ready

The first introduction potential buyers will get to your property is through the estate agent's photographs. We recommend hiring our cleaning experts to make sure these photographs show off your property in the best possible light.
Our cleaning process includes floor cleaning, wall cleaning, and carpet cleaning. By extending our service to the outside of the property, we can also offer weed removal, power washing, and any other exterior cleaning your property may require.

Are you considering selling your property? Give yourself every chance to get the highest price possible by hiring our team of professional property clearance and property cleaning experts. We offer competitive quotes on all our house clearance services.


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