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DMC Waste and Recycling offers professional bin cleaning & sanitisation services suitable for large outdoor bins.

Bin Cleaning

If your bins are foul-smelling and dirty, it could be time to get them professionally cleaned. As experts in waste removal and cleaning, DMC Waste and Recycling provides a professional bin cleaning service suitable for domestic and commercial outdoor bins. Our bin cleaning services are suitable for bins of all sizes and are not limited to our existing customers- we offer bin cleaning for customers across Cork and the surrounding areas.
During a bin cleaning service, your bins will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, removing any smells, dirt, stains, and harmful bacteria for your safety and hygiene.
Our team of experts are fully qualified and experienced in cleaning and sanitisation services, providing a professional, efficient, and top-quality job every time. We only use the best cleaning chemicals in our bin cleaning services to ensure a thorough and safe job for all customers.

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Domestic Bin Cleaning

Our domestic bin cleaning services are suitable for outdoor bins of all sizes, including waste bins, recycling bins, and organic bins. Our domestic bin cleaning team will clean and sanitise all bins on your property, guaranteeing a thorough and cost-effective service. As well as removing stains and waste material, we disinfect and sanitise the inside and outside of your bins to keep them looking fresh and to remove any harmful bacteria, mould, or viruses that your bin may be harbouring.

Commercial Bin Cleaning

DMC Waste and Recycling offers commercial bin cleaning services for customers in all industries, including food and pharmaceutical industries. We can clean bins of all sizes, offering an efficient, professional, and thorough service to all customers. Alongside a superficial clean of your bins, we can remove all waste on the property and disinfect your bins to ensure that they are not harbouring any dangerous bacteria, mould, or viruses. Following your commercial bin cleaning service, your company’s bins will be left fresh, clean, and hygienic for use.

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